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Helping Golden property development company showcase both its family history and its future vision

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The brief

Golden-based property development company Mesa Meadows wanted a new brand look and website. It wanted a website that would give a sense of the family history behind the company, while also showcasing current activity and nodding to its future endeavors.

The approach

We worked with the Mesa Meadows board to develop the company's brand strategy including its mission, vision, and values. We held a remote branding workshop for the seven board members to ensure that we could gather input from everyone to inform the final result.

We then articulated the mission, vision, and values for the company, along with a comprehensive set of messages from which to build the website.

Once the foundation for the company messaging was agreed, we drafted the copy for the website and worked with creative content agency Glevity to refresh the brand look and build the website in WordPress.

The result

We created a website that showed the range of Mesa Meadows' different Services, which include residential property in downtown Golden, commercial property, and parking lots. It also detailed the story of the Foss family, which has played a central role in the development of Golden over the last century.

As part of the About section, we created an interactive timeline highlighting critical moments from the past 100 years of the family's involvement in the Golden community.

It was great working with Georgina from Crabapple Communications. She guided us through a much needed new website that included branding, messaging, and a logo refresh. Throughout the process, she was excellent at helping us understand our needs and define our vision.

Jamie, Mesa Meadows

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