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We work with clients across industries, who have one thing in common - they want to take their marketing to the next level. Here are few we've been working with over the last few years.

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When I first started working with Georgina, I had done some of the work around identifying possible perfect clients/personas, my brand and my vision. But I felt stuck and couldn’t move forward. I kept getting confused because my “clients” seemed to overlap and I didn’t know who I was “talking” to. Every time I sat down to write a blog post or website copy, I found myself in inner overwhelm.


Georgina helped me find a clear path out of the confusion. She helped me identify an overarching “persona,” as well a several sub personas, and hone their specific messages, clarify my brand, values and vision, and then she proceeded to create an actionable 6-month marketing plan. I got nuts and bolts, which is exactly what I needed to move forward. I’m so grateful and relieved!

Susan Van Note, Restore With Awareness

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