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Golden United Business Assistance Webinar

I was recently asked to participate in a panel answering questions from local small businesses about how they can position their company for success in this new business environment. I thought the questions asked by our audience were great and my fellow panel members are super knowledgeable. It's definitely worth a watch if you have questions about the next steps for you business.

Here is a bit more information about Golden United, the organization hosting the session, and the other panel members.

Golden United


Golden United is a non-partisan, residents-driven effort to engage Golden area community members across all walks of life to find common ground and act with respect and dignity in strengthening the community.

Natalie Winslow,

New Why



We’re a web design and marketing shop dedicated to creating powerful, effective websites that weave your why into every page. And because no-one wants to talk to an empty room, we make sure your site is fluent in search engines’ mysterious language of love and speaks to your potential clients and customers.

Kim Eickhoff

Business Coach 

kimeickhoff@actioncoach.com https://kimeickhoff.actioncoach.com/

I believe that for entrepreneurs our businesses are a direct expression of who we are and what we are passionate about. I also believe we should be able to make the amount of money through our businesses that we need to make in order to support the life we want to live. Most of the people I begin working with have a business that has been functioning for a few years, they work very hard, but have little time and/or money to enjoy their lives. I help them shift this.

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