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Free webinar: How to build a marketing plan during COVID-19

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

At the end of April, I had the opportunity to lead a class for Jefferson County Business Resource Center on how to build a marketing plan. Below is a quick summary of what I covered, and if you are intrigued, feel free to watch the video!

How to build a marketing plan during COVID-19 We’re all adapting to a world-changing event and we don’t yet know what our new normal will be out the other side or when we’ll see it. However, all of this doesn’t mean you should stop communicating with your customers and prospects. You might need to change your operations, your marketing tactics, and reconsider your budget, but there is still a way forward and you should still develop marketing plans and follow through on them. In my talk, I went through the steps of building a marketing plan that is strategic so that it aligns with ongoing business goals but uses creative ideas that suit the current environment. As a result of the talk, small business owners will better understand:

  • The key elements of a strategic marketing plan

  • Why a marketing strategy always starts with your audience

  • How to identify business goals and align marketing goals

  • Ideas for marketing content that consumers will welcome now

Here is the full presentation as a PDF and you can watch the talk below. At the bottom of the page are downloadable handouts.

Crabapple Communications presentation- H
Download • 2.09MB

If you'd like to implement any of this for yourself, you might find these downloadable handouts helpful:

Crabapple Communications - Marketing pla
Download • 210KB

Crabapple Communications - Buyer persona
Download • 99KB

If you have any questions about marketing plans, get in touch -

Special offer: COVID-19 Marketing stimulus package
For the duration of the pandemic, I have teamed up with a couple of other local marketing professionals to offer special discounted marketing packages. Find out more about our marketing stimulus package and the ladies behind it.

Further COVID-19 resources

Templates and kits

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