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The ultimate COVID-19 marketing stimulus package

Your competitors may shy away from marketing during this time which means the noise from other companies is going to become much quieter. This gives you an opportunity to meaningfully engage more with customers now and set yourself up for success in the future.  


For the duration of this pandemic, we’ve created a new way to help local businesses stay present in the community and gain huge exposure, at little to no upfront cost.

We need local image

List of options:

Magazine sponsorship options

  • One month free Applewood Living and/or Golden Living Magazine sponsorship (89.4% open rate)*

  • One month free advert design*

  • 25% discount on Applewood Living and/or Golden Living Magazine sponsorships (89.4% Open Rate) (12 issue min.)

When you purchase any of the magazine sponsorship services, you can request a FREE community branding consultation

Social media options

  • One month free social media post creation*

  • 25% discount on social media posting & management (3 month min.)

When you purchase any of the social media services you can request a FREE social audit review and recommendation report

Written content options

  • One month free email / newsletter writing*

  • One month free blog / article writing*

  • 25% discount on ongoing content campaigns (emails or blogs)

When you purchase any of the written content services you can request a FREE email content review & recommendation report

*as part of a longer campaign

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

These services are brought to you by:

GoldenLiving Nameplate
Applewood Living Nameplate
Meg Smit headshot

Magazine sponsorship

As the local publisher of Applewood Living and Golden Living, Meg is in the living room business, not the billboard business. These hyperlocal publications place your business front and center amidst positive, uplifting content and are mailed to the affluent influencers who live in Golden and Applewood.


She does this by partnering with residents, community and civic leaders of our community to provide them with their own exclusive, high-end monthly magazine that is ALL about their neighbors. 


Book time with her to chat about sponsorship here:

Crabapple Communications logo
Georgina Miller headshot

Written content

Georgina from Crabapple Communications helps small businesses grow through strategic content marketing such as articles, blogs and email campaigns.

She has over a decade's experience in content marketing and public relations, working with clients of all sizes in a variety of industries.


She brings a storytelling approach to all the marketing disciplines, helping clients express themselves in an authentic way that brings their business to life and their customers closer.

Book time with her to chat about her services here:

Go Social logo
Courtney Sandora headshot

Social media

A Golden resident and ten year veteran of the social media world, Courtney has helped clients large and small create content and manage their social accounts.

In addition to creating conversations on brand pages, Courtney has helped clients receive buzz with influencers and traditional media.  


While her wheelhouse is food and beverage, particularly whiskey, she's helped a variety of industries reach their customers and grow. 

Book time with her to chat about her social media services here:

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