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Tips for an Inspiring Environment that Will Boost Your Productivity

When I can, I like to feature the expertise of other professionals, and this week I'm delighted to introduce Jenn DePauw, the owner of Organized Priorities. She is an organizing and productivity professional who helps others to reach their greatest potential - both in life and business. Here she gives some tips on how to increase productivity through having an organized workspace.

I have recently made a full transformation of my home office and the result was a boost to my productivity and focus!

Real or perceived, I can make that exclamation because my new space has had a positive impact. Having an inspiring office space may be more important than you think. There are many theories out there that say we are fueled...or our environment. So, maybe it’s time to take a look at your space and ask yourself if it’s working for you or against you.

Take a Good Look at Your Space

Your physical space can be a corner office in a high-rise office building, or it may be the corner of your dining room. Regardless of where or how big your space is, take a look around. Is the space comfortable? Does the space have character or visual stimulation? Is it disorganized? Or, does it lack any representation of you...the person who spends an awful lot of time in that space?

If any of these questions have you thinking that it’s time to reclaim your space, here are a few tips to get you started.

Clean It Up!

One of the first steps you can take to making a space that works is to tackle any clutter or disorganization. Give it a quick once over. If there are papers that can be recycled or trash that can be “filed” in the round filing bin, then start there. If you find yourself overwhelmed with paper, post-its, or files - make a pile! Then take some time and go through the pile one item or file at a time and act on them. If the pile is overwhelming, schedule yourself 15 minutes a day to just go through it.

Tip: Try to touch paper or files only once. Pick it up, decide what the action item is, and execute. Looking at it as a pile can be overwhelming, but looking at it as individual action items can make you feel you are making progress - even if you only address it in small chunks at a time.

Comfy it Up!

Start by asking yourself if the space is comfortable as well as functional. If it is neither...then you may have some work to do. Think about things like your chair. Is it comfy (ergonomically correct)? Is the monitor at the correct height? Here is a great list from The Mayo Clinic that may give you some great advice.

If you find you need to make some changes, think outside the box. Check online for some of the items and don’t forget second-hand buying (my favorite kind of recycling). You can often find things on Facebook Marketplace or some of the selling apps. Oh, and it’s garage sale season, so you may find something right in your own neighborhood.

Brand it Up!

Make the space a reflection of your personal (or company) brand. Accessorize it by adding a favorite coffee mug, a cool clock, or a bulletin board. Your goal is to make it a space where you don’t mind spending a few hours each day. If you have others in your office periodically, make it a space that you can be comfortable welcoming others in. Think about functionality. Add a favorite lamp for proper lighting, a cool cup for pens, and maybe a bin or basket to throw papers into.

After you take some time to address your environment, make a conscious effort to maintain it. Tidy up before you finish up for the day. You can also schedule some time at the end of the week to give it a quick cleaning.

Once you have created that inspiring space you may just see a boost in your energy level and productivity. Taking the time to create a great space may have a big pay off in the end.

For more information and other tips on organizing and productivity, you can visit the organized priorities blog.

About Jenn

Jenn DePauw is the owner of Organized Priorities, LLC. She is an organizing and productivity professional who helps others to reach their greatest potential - both in life and business. Whether it is work/life integration, planning routines, or process integration, she can help you find more balance and get your own priorities organized.

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