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Finding the common thread; what to do if you don't want to niche down as a business

One of the first things that I heard when I started my own business was "find your niche". The idea of a niche seemed everywhere, in order to succeed you have to find your box and fit in it. That approach doesn't sit well with me. I need variety in my life. I get bored easily and I want a range of things to do and different challenges to tackle. That's why I like working in marketing in communications - there's always something new to learn.

However, what is challenging is that often prospective employers or clients only want to talk to you if you check the boxes they have in their minds. And I check a random assortment of boxes.

I've always worked in communications but over the last twelve years I have:

  • Written video scripts for a law firm

  • Written a guide on how to avoid becoming the target of identity fraud

  • Organized media interviews in Barcelona for a Chinese phone manufacturer

  • Run a roundtable in Switzerland for a US telecoms firm

  • Built an internal comms platform for an aerospace engineering company

  • Produced a marketing video for a Scottish whiskey company

  • Run a national media campaign for a smart electricity body

  • Headed up a case study program for a Canadian phone company

  • Been Head of Marketing at a global hospitality tech start-up

  • Written a website for a UK real estate finance company

  • Managed social media for a high-frequency data center

  • Created a brand strategy for a clothes consignment store

  • Advised trauma therapists on their marketing strategy

  • Among other things...

I enjoy working for a range of industries, which is why you won't find "industries I serve" on my website. And I have a broad skillset, which was tough to narrow down on!

So now I work on the principle of a common thread. And for me, that's who the client is and how they approach business, rather than what they do. I can learn the subject matter of what they do, that's the easy bit. Not to brag but, I have worked in three languages, four countries, and umpteen technical sectors - learning new things is my jam.

I want to work with clients who:

  • Are established small businesses looking to grow

  • Are businesspeople and care about their companies

  • Are clear in their minds about what they do and why they do it

  • Are more interested in sustainable growth over time and creating something meaningful and long-term rather than quick wins

  • Understand the value of marketing in business and know what it can do for them

  • Have the budget to dedicate to marketing

  • Want to put the building blocks in place to grow or reinvent themselves

  • Want a comprehensive marketing approach, not just one thing from me. I don't just do one thing (see above for the getting bored easily bit)

  • Are looking for an expert partner to work alongside them making recommendations and implementing them, not a junior lackey

  • Have questions and trust that someone else has the answer

And that's it, that's the common thread of the kinds of companies I want to work with. I'm sure this will evolve and become more precise over time, but for now, that's the common thread I'm following.

If that sounds like you and your business and you want to work with a marketing and communications expert who can take you where you want to go, get in touch -

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