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Case study: Creating explainer videos

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The brief Kate Silburn of Rocky Mountain Elder Law wanted to develop a video to use on her website that would explain quickly and succinctly how she works and what she does for clients. The goal of the video was to introduce clients such as the elderly or middle-aged people planning for their future to Kate so that they can get to know her as a person and build trust.

It was important that the videos reflected the highly professional services Kate offers, as well as the elegant look of her visual brand. The approach We decided that given the range of services that Kate offers, rather than trying to fit everything in one short video, we would create a series of videos. We wanted an overview video to introduce Kate as a person, followed by four videos talking about different areas of her practice. We wanted to use the videos as a way to explain, in a straightforward way, what the different areas of service entail so we wanted to keep them concise, sharing only the most essential information.

Given that the filming would be taking place in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and we did not have existing B-roll to work with, we decided that the best format would be a talking head to camera.

We developed a brief and scripts and worked with Mark Burr from Reel Creative Studios to film five videos over the course of a day.

The result

We created five videos, which Kate was able to use on her website, a Youtube channel, and Facebook page.

The videos have seen strong engagement on social media, and provide a succinct and compelling introduction to Kate and her practice.

Feel free to watch them!

If you'd like support writing a script for your videos and organizing the project, get in touch -

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