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Case study: The Clothes Mine

The brief The Clothes Mine is a Wheatrige-based consignment store. After closing its Golden store due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Clothes Mine wanted to grow its business online through its digital store. But the owner wasn't sure what the most effective way of marketing this new offering would be and wanted direction. The approach I worked with the owner of The Clothes Mine to create a new brand strategy, defining the mission, vision, and values. This led me to develop a series of key messages to communicate and a company tone of voice. Once I knew what the company wanted to achieve, I analyzed the key audiences for the store, picking out three audience types whom the store's offering would most appeal to. Finally, I was able to create a targeted marketing strategy that would help The Clothe Mine reach its business goals, with tactics that would resonate with its audience.

The result The Clothes Mine now has a clear idea of its brand identity and who its key audiences are. The company is also confident in which marketing channels will be the most effective in reaching these audiences and how to talk to them. Armed with this deeper understanding, the owner has been able to rework the website, introducing new content and messaging. She has also adjusted her marketing strategies to precisely target those people who will be the most fruitful audience for her.

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