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The value of exceptional editing practices

When I can, I like to feature the expertise of other marketing professionals, and this week I'm delighted to introduce Jessica Olma, owner of Scribe Syndicate, a full-service provider of written and edited digital online content. Here she lays out why editing matters.

As a business owner, you have a limitless need for content on your website, social media, and promotional material. Maybe you’ve even written a book. So far, you’ve been managing the writing all by yourself. Every so often, you publish information and notice an error got past you. Worse yet, someone called your attention to it first!

Not everyone has time to write, let alone edit everything to manage their reputation as a resource for valuable information.

You might need an editor if you know what you want to say, but wonder:

  • Is it coming across correctly?

  • Does it speak to the right audience?

  • Are there spelling or grammatical errors?

If the meaning isn’t clear, topics aren’t flowing, or the message is off, you may need some direction. Never mind being sure where to put that comma, whether a word should be capitalized, if you switched verb tenses, used the wrong homonym, repeated yourself, clarified all the acronyms, or cited your sources correctly. Whew! Don’t let your readers wonder if you slept through English class.

Once you’ve read through your material several times, the words have lost their meaning, and your eyes are tired. Professional writers hire editors, turn to colleagues, and use the latest technology tools to get past this problem. And still, mistakes squeak by the best of them. It’s not easy to find every single error. Your brain goes on autopilot, and you begin to skim, only catching fragments of text and missing entire words. A fresh set of eyes is best. Remember, this is your reputation in business and online.

I’ve spent years learning how to effectively use Microsoft Word tools, researching grammar apps, familiarizing myself with writing styles, and developing an editing process. If you don’t know how to use technology tools, ask for advice, take a class, or hire an editor.

Use an editor and be certain:

  • The text has been gone over thoroughly to ensure there are no misspellings, grammar and punctuation are consistent, awkward sentence structure is corrected, run-on sentences are reigned in, and the message is clear and concise.

  • All copy speaks directly and clearly to the intended audience due to objectivity from outside of your industry.

  • Research and statistics come from verified experts and are cited properly to avoid a lawsuit or having to take your content down.

  • Duplicate content checks have been performed to ensure your content is uniquely worded and won’t confuse browser bots trying to determine who owns it.

Writing efforts go hand in hand with content marketing. Technology has created a need to write and edit for search engine ranking and to reach consumers. Your editor can go back to integrate on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using keywords, longtail phrases, HTML heading codes, alt tags, images, changes in formatting, and more. Your writing must reach as many people as humanly possible to build ranking and reputation with browsers trying to determine your level of expertise.

Ask yourself some editing questions:

  • Is your word choice competing well for advertising space and browser recognition?

  • Are you able to come up with original and compelling messages?

  • Is your copy concise, informative, educational, or entertaining?

  • Are there minor mistakes that detract from your expertise?

  • Have you added some basic SEO?

Create material that is intriguing and flows error-free. Whether you’ve written blog articles, emails, or website content, you are showcasing your industry experience, conveying who you are and what you offer. The list of content needed to be successful and grow a business is enormous. The quality of this material must be high because it makes a first impression. The amount of effort you put into your written content will impact your ability to grow your business.

If you insist on writing your content and have the time and talent to do it, hire an editor to:

  • clean up your copy with a set of fresh eyes

  • view the text objectivity as a consumer

  • evaluate the industry jargon versus useful keywords

Communicate your level of knowledge with exceptional editing practices.

Scribe Syndicate is a full-service provider of written and edited digital online content. Projects contain on-page SEO, including keywords, HTML codes, and title tags to promote your brand. Owner, Jessica Olma, works with business owners directly and offers web designers and marketing consultants writing support for client website pages, recurring blog articles, and backlinked article resources. Reach out to her if you need unique material to build continuing online business relationships.

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