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Upcoming SCORE workshop: How to pivot your marketing

I'm very excited to be holding another marketing strategy workshop, this time with SCORE Colorado, a local non-profit resource partner of the Small Busines Administration.

Date: 10/15

Time: 11:30am-1pm

Cost: $25

2020 has been disruptive for all businesses and any fundamental business change has a knock-on effect on how you market yourself. So, how do you flex your marketing and brand strategy so that on the one hand there is continuity, but it also reflects the reality of your company now? I will take you through how to audit your existing marketing strategy and rework it.

This class will look at:

  • How you might have changed your business and what impact that has on marketing

  • What the current customer trends are and how that affects your audience

  • What parts of your marketing plan to throw away, and what to keep

After this class you will be able to:

  • Realign your business strategy with your marketing strategy so you’re still on track

  • Review your marketing strategy and spot the changes that need to be made

  • Come up with new tactics that fit the moment, knowing that they’ll help you achieve your goals

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