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Free webinar video: How to pivot your marketing without throwing out your existing strategy

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Earlier this year, I held a free marketing workshop for Jeffco BRC on how to put together a marketing plan, particularly in challenging times. By now, many companies have altered at least one area of their business, at the least how they operate, if not, what they offer. So I wanted to offer a workshop looking at how to review existing marketing plans and pivot them, too.

Here's the rundown if you'd like it before watching it:

How to pivot your marketing without throwing out your existing strategy This might be the understatement of the year, but the last few months have clearly been disruptive for small businesses. A handful of companies have been fortunately COVID-proof, but the majority of us have had to adapt (pivot) our businesses in some way. At the very least we have had to change how we operate, while some have had to change what we offer too. Any fundamental business change has a knock-on effect on how you market yourself. So, how do you flex your marketing and brand strategy so that on the one hand there is continuity, but it also reflects the reality of your company now? I will take you through how to audit your existing marketing strategy and rework it.

This class looks at:

  • How you might have changed your business and what impact that has on marketing

  • What the current customer trends are and how that affects your audience

  • What parts of your marketing plan to throw away, and what to keep

The class was also accompanied by a takeaway if you'd like to use a checklist to keep you on track while assessing your marketing strategy.

Crabapple Communications - Marketing aud
Download • 106KB

Other classes:

I've also created a set of resources aimed to help small businesses navigate this everchanging COVID landscape. You can see them on my dedicated COVID-19 resources page.


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