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My new operating normal

We've now been in "COVID times" for six months and like many I've moved through the various stages of grief this year (anger, denial, etc) and I'm establishing my new normal. And that is basically 100% remote. So here is how I'm going to be interacting with everyone for the foreseeable future. This includes clients, prospective clients and people generally in my network.

What will work:

  • Video calls

  • Phone calls

  • A socially-distanced meeting outside

  • Virtual workshops and brainstorming sessions

  • Using messaging platforms and collaborative environments (Slack, Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, etc)

  • Inside meetings if everyone is wearing masks and we're able to sit at a sensible distance

What won't work:

  • Any other inside meetings (including grabbing a coffee one to one)

I know that this won't be everyone's cup of tea (or coffee) but it's how I'm going to need to operate until something drastically changes - like there's a vaccine, or we all magically become immune.

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