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Helping local lawyer tell her story and why her job is her vocation

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The brief

Kate Silburn from Rocky Mountain Elder Law wanted a simple, attractive website that would quickly convey how she helps clients with end of life issues of all kinds and give them the confidence to get in touch.

The approach

I worked with Kate to flesh out her brand strategy through her mission, vision, and values, which enabled me to create a comprehensive set of messages from which to build the website. I drafted the copy for the website and worked with creative content agency Glevity to develop the website in WordPress. 

The result

We launched a website that is simple to use and accessible to Rocky Mountain Elder Law's target audience of those planning for the end of their lives, both senior citizens and middle-aged people thinking ahead. The site showcases Kate's experience, expertise and personality, without becoming complex and wordy.

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