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You know your audience, so we will help you identify the most effective ways to reach them and build an actionable plan that will help you get closer to them step by step. We'll take your from who you are to what your should say, how and where you should be saying it.

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Your one-stop marketing shop

Let us take care of marketing for you

We understand your company priorities and are a safe pair of hands to take your business to the next level. On a daily basis we combine strong strategy with excellent execution, meaning you can take care of the rest of your business without having to worry about marketing. 

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Messaging and written content

Get your words right

Let us tell your story in an authentic and creative way. Whether you need, strong messaging; a captivating blog; eye-catching emails; compelling website copy; engaging social media;  authoritative reports; or insightful articles in the media, we will help you find your voice with our writing.


About Georgina Miller

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing - Tom Fishburne

Georgina is proud to be a generalist; that overview makes her great at strategic thinking. Her favorite part of her work is giving clients their direction – working with them to clear away the noise and give them a route to follow to reach their goals.


She started her exploration of the world by studying French and German at the University of Oxford, where she relished the complexity of French literature by Algerian women and German writers from former East Germany. She then spent seven years in European Public Relations agencies writing about technology. After moving to the US five years ago, she became Head of Marketing at a hospitality technology start-up. This varied background gives her both an eye for detail (years of proof-reading) and helps her see and connect things in a way others don’t. Nowadays, as Crabapple Communications, she helps her clients see the forest for the trees, and then create a path through it.

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If you have a project that needs a kick-ass team, I have one for you.

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Crabapple Communications

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Why crabapples?

I get asked this question quite a lot so I thought I would lay out my reasons. As a transplant from England, they are one of the few trees in Colorado's Front Range that reminds me of home. The crabapple is a resilient little survivor: in Golden the flora has to contend with snow, biting winds, blazing sun, and semi-arid conditions.


Despite all this, the crabapple thrives, and moreover, it is a versatile plant with something to show off in every season. This is why I have five in my garden and chose to name my company after them. And I really like alliteration.

Photos of berries in the snow

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