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Sometimes you just need a quick shot in the arm to get you going again. That's where our workshops come in. They are short, one-time sessions that will leave you re-inspired and revving to go.

Messaging workshop:

What you’ll get:

  • Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

  • Key messages

  • An elevator pitch

  • A bio for you to use on LinkedIn & wherever you want

What you'll need to do to prepare:

If you don't already have all the parts of your brand strategy articulated, you will need to do some homework. You should allocate around eight hours to complete this thoroughly. I will give you preparatory documents & worksheets to complete around:

  • Your audience and what problems you solve for them

  • Your competitors and what you do differently

  • What you offer and your strengths

What we'll do together:

  • 2-3-hour workshop (remote or in-person)

  • Identify your UVP

  • Work out 3-5 key messages for you to communicate

What I'll do:

  • Write up your UVP and key messages

  • Develop your elevator pitch and bio

6-month blog plan workshop:

What you’ll get:

  • Blog themes for 6 blogs including:

    • Title ideas

    • Blog content overview so you're ready to write


What we'll do:

  • 2-3-hour workshop (remote or in-person)

  • Establish clear goals for your blog content

  • Discuss what your company does and who it does it for

  • Brainstorm new topics for 6 blogs

  • Fill in a blog planner template together so you go away ready to put pen to paper


What you need to bring:

  • Some thoughts around what you want these blogs to achieve

  • A clear idea of who the audience is for your blog and what their challenges are

  • Any brand strategy work you've done - mission/vision/values etc.

  • An understanding of what has worked well on your blog in the past (if you're not starting from scratch)

If you would like we to do more of the heavy lifting after the workshop, check out The fruitful content strategy plan package

I reached out to Crabapple Communications because I wanted help to create a content calendar for the next 6 months. Georgina helped me to review our ideal client profile, my goals with the blog posts and the pain points of our clients.

With her process, by the time we started talking about content for the next 6 months we had a strong foundation that allowed us to come up with a great content calendar.

Now it is easy and fun to write the blog posts, because I have an outline ready and I have confidence that I am focused on the right type of content for may audience. I could not have done this on my own. Georgina's process and knowledge of marketing were crucial for this project.

Lidiane Mocko, CRM Growth Strategy

CRM Growth strategy.png

If these workshops aren't quite right, get in touch anyway -

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