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Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

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Who needs a fractional CMO

  • A business owner who doesn't want to hire a full-time Head of Marketing or CMO but needs someone to oversee their marketing.

  • A business owner who engages in multiple forms of marketing and doesn't have time to keep them all in line. Maybe you engage multiple consultants or do some yourself as well.

  • A business owner who wants to support their sales function with marketing.

What a fractional CMO is

  • A senior, strategic resource who you can work in partnership with to set the direction of your marketing and ensure it's effective.

What a fractional CMO is not

  • A fractional CMO is not a marketing manager or someone who comes in just to work on one part of your marketing.

  • A fractional CMO will not do all of your marketing. will help you determine what needs to be done and find the right people to do it for you.


How I work as a fractional CMO

  1. Organizational audit - get to know you, your audience, your business goals and your existing marketing

  2. (Optional - brand strategy work to get you to where we need to be)

  3. Develop marketing strategy - Identify the most effective strategies for you to reach your audience

  4. Create marketing roadmap with tactical planning and metrics

  5. Identify organizational barriers to implementing roadmap and make recommendations

  6. Put in place the systems, tools and capacity to execute the roadmap

  7. Regular check-ins on progress and evolution of the plan to ensure continuing success - this is a continual process!

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