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New offering alert! Workshops

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The best way to develop a new offering is to respond to what your customers are asking you for and our new workshops are a a great example of this.

We were approached last year by a business owner who was struggling to come up with new blog ideas. Her blog had become a chore and she didn't know what she should be writing about next. She needed some new ideas. But blog ideas shouldn't just come out of the blue, they should be based on what your audience actually wants to know about. So we started by reviewing who she's writing for. From there, we brainstormed the kinds of things she could write about and quickly came up with nine new ideas!

It worked so well that in 2022 we're going to start offering workshops.

Who they're for

Our workshops are for businesses who have the capacity to deliver marketing activity themselves, but struggle with motivation or inspiration. Our workshops will provide that shot in the arm to get you going again.

We're super excited to share our first workshop to get you started on the right foot for the year! Presenting the...

6-month blog plan workshop:

What you’ll get:

Blog themes for 6 blogs including:

  • Title ideas

  • Blog content overview so you're ready to write

What we'll do:

  • 2-3-hour workshop (remote or in-person)

  • Establish clear goals for your blog content

  • Discuss what your company does and who it does it for

  • Brainstorm new topics for 6 blogs

  • Fill in a blog planner template together - so you're ready to put pen to paper!

What you need to bring:

  • Some thoughts around what you want these blogs to achieve

  • A clear idea of who the audience is for your blog and what their challenges are

  • Any brand strategy work you've done - mission/vision/values etc.

  • An understanding of what has worked well on your blog in the past (if you're not starting from scratch)

Introductory price: $500 per workshop

Email today - - if you'd like to get going with your blog planning for this year!

Here's what one happy client said!

Lidiane Mocko, CRM Growth Strategy: "I reached out to Crabapple Communications because I wanted help to create a content calendar for the next 6 months. Georgina helped me to review our ideal client profile, my goals with the blog posts and the pain points of our clients. With her process, by the time we started talking about content for the next 6 months we had a strong foundation that allowed us to come up with a great content calendar. Now it is easy and fun to write the blog posts, because I have an outline ready and I have confidence that I am focused on the right type of content for may audience. I could not have done this on my own. Georgina's process and knowledge of marketing were crucial for this project."

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