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Welcome to Crabapple Communiqués - my brand new newsletter

As a marketing pro, I understand the power of email marketing in getting my message out there, but as a busy small business owner and individual with a very full inbox, I want to be respectful of yours.

It's taken me a little while to get to this point and I want to do it right and add some real value. Here's a first glimpse of the kinds of things I'll be sharing.

What you'll get from my newsletter:

  • Recordings of my latest free online marketing classes and notifications of upcoming events

  • Advice on how small businesses should approach different areas of marketing strategy; writing and digital marketing

  • Latest marketing news from across the internet

  • The best tips and tricks from my excellent marketing peers

I wanted to add a form directly to this blog, but unfortunately, Wix won't let me, so apologies for the extra click!

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